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Hello there!

We are very glad to welcome you once again. As most of you probably noticed by now, we are getting closer and closer to the end of the current year. Here, in Elite Players, we are very determined to finish it on a high note. Therefore, many of our members have been working hard to make sure that our current projects are being executed according to the plan. We are currently pretty satisfied with their outcome, but there are still a few things that we would like to polish and that's what we are gonna focus on in today's thread.


Elite Fight

The main projects that are currently taking most of our time are obviously our tournaments, no surprises there. It is a bit too early to fully decide whether both the WFF and DM editions of the Elite Fight were as succesful as we initially wanted them to be, as both of them are currently entering their final, deciding phases, but considering how much effort and thought we had to put into them, we believe that a few small bumps along the way won't really affect their outcome. For now, we are more than happy about both the way the tournaments are developing and also about the performance of our squads. It is not where we want to stop, though. Each game that is played as the part of Elite Fight gives us further experience and ideas about the ways in which we could improve both editions, but that's something that we are going to share in the future. Today, all we can do is thank everyone who decided to be a part of our tournaments, both as participants and organisers. We hope that we can bring them to the end without any further complications in their final phases. Make sure you don't miss the most important, deciding games!


Expanding the roster

As mentioned above, we are currently facing a lot of new challenges and duties connected with the tournaments. It is not easy for many of our members, as the amount of time we have to spend both for organising and preparing for the matches themselves is gradually rising with each phase of Elite Fight. Therefore, we decided to introduce a few new members to make sure things stay fresh. We also hope that they are going to try their best to fulfill all the given goals and that their contribution is going to allow some of us to get a tiny bit of rest on many fronts. Please welcome:

eP! ChiefJusticiar


eP! FeeBe

We hope that your stay in our clan is going to give you a lot of good memories and that the people you meet here are going to be as enjoyable to spend time with as you imagined while choosing Elite Players. Welcome aboard.


Rank shuffle

Moving on to roster changes that don't include any new members, sadly we have some very unexpected news. Firstly though, we would like to congratulate all of our previous trials, as they managed to pass that period without a single issue. We hope that they are going to be able to keep up their great work. Enjoy your further stay guys.

In addition to that, there is definitely less positive news regarding a major change in our leadership. It may come as a surprise, but our long-time leader, @Madlife, has decided to step down from his role and take a longer break from the game itself. On behalf of entire clan, I would like to thank you for all of your work throughout all the years we spent together. Your absence is definitely going to create a huge void that will be hard to fill in. We hope that you are going to enjoy your life as much as possible and that we will be able to reunite in the future, goodbye.

Speaking about the void, it is definitely a huge loss for our clan, but we have to continue to prosper. We believe that having 2 leaders at any given time is very important, as it gives multiple points of view when it comes to solving all kind of issues. Therefore, we are glad to announce that @JARI is going to take Madlife's place as the Head of the clan, while @yani is going to join him as our new leader. We believe that such move is going to keep our clan in a good shape, even after such an unexpected departure of our previous leader. Best of luck with leading the clan guys.

The last bit of promotions is focused around our management, as there have been quite a few changes when it comes to that actually. Firstly, we would like to bid a farewell to our former DD Manager, @d1kuba. He decided to retire from playing MTA, meaning that our DD Squad is going to stay inactive for some more time. We would like to thank him for all of his hard work connected with that gamemode. We wish you good luck in the future.

When it comes to our WFF Squad, there is also a major change in the managing staff. Since @DRiVeR~> decided to step down from the role of our Manager, we decided to hand that responsibility over to @Adidas who has been a great addition since the day we decided to make him a part of our clan. He is going to join @BurNouTas our 2nd WFF Manager. We believe that all the tasks that both of them are surely going to fulfill will allow us to reach new levels when it comes to WFF competition. Congratulations, @Adidas!

The last promotion we are going to mention today is connected with one of our newest members, @Sunset. Needless to say that we are completely amazed by the amount of great contribution he has been able to provide us with since his recent acceptance. Therefore, we decided to show our appreciation of his hard work by promoting him to our DM Manager alongside @sYKu. We are sure that your future input is going to stay at the same level as it is for now, we really admire that.



Before we end today's thread, there is one more thing that we would like to mention. As some of you might know already, a certain long-running DM clan has decided to close recently. We obviously mean Nitrous Racing. Even though it doesn't involve us directly, we still feel that after so many years of pure, competitive rivalry and good relations between our clans it just wouldn't be right if we left the subject untouched. There are many things that we could said about xN as a clan, but we think that the best way to show our appreciation towards them is actually quite simple. We would like to thank Nitrous Racing for all of their contributions and memories they gave us during their long journey. We wish them the best of luck no matter what their future plans are. The community is surely going to miss you guys, take care.


That's pretty much everything we wanted to mention today. As we said, Elite Fight is still our main focus and nothing is going to change about that, at least for now. We really hope that its final phases are going to be as enjoyable as possible, not only for us, but mainly for others, because we wouldn't be able to make the tournaments happen without participants in the first place after all. For now though, we just ask you to stay safe and take care. Until next time.


Yours faithfully,


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Gz to new trials, also, congratulations on your well deserved promotion Adi, yani & manu. I couldn't be happier for you guys.

Thank you for mentioning xN, It really means a lot to me.

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Lol didnt read about yani
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Well deserved promotions (especially mine obviously), let's try our best. Congratz new trials, hope you enjoy your stay and make new connections within eP.

Sad about Midlife as he's been the face of eP for longer than I can remember, we're gonna miss you a lot and wish you the best in your real life stuff. Thank you for the memories, we appreciate all the hard work you did for us.

About xN, seeing that you decided to mention them makes me realize I'm in the right place. xN and eP always had a strong rivalry and we delivered insane matches countless times while also being really friendly with each other. -1 Legend clan 😟

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Welcome everyone and congrats to everyone promoted (gg).

Best of luck to Piotr, glad I got to share a team with him even if it was for a short while after many years competing against each other, he pretty much saw Nitrous Racing (RIP) growth first hand and was always a good friend of the clan so I guess its only fitting we commemorate both today. Tough losses for the game today, granted.

Cheers for what's yet to come.

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Well written foxik, Congratulations to the new trials and the ones who passed it. Also well deserved promotions, Im really happy for you.

Its sad to see Madlife's Departure, I wish you nothing but the best in your future, Take care.

About xN, I knew the clan since 3 years ago and I had fights with some of their members, But still, I cant deny how competitive and good clan they were and it feels bad to see such clan getting closed.

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