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GOTZHA's Join Request


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 Nickname / Location / Personal info

My nickname is GOTZHA, im 22yo im from Chile, i am a university student, and i love to play mta.

Previous Clans

XpR, nTL, TR, x6st

Your MTA career

I started playing mta when i was 9 years old in 2009, its funny how i find this game, i remember i was searching how to play gta san andreas online, imagine me with 9 years old, trying to install a game, was imposible for me xD, so i figured it out and then i started playing dm in a server called ownage owls i guess, in 2011 my pc broke up and i stop playing because i didn't have a pc, so in 2013 i got one, not the best but  i was enabled to play decently, i played on that pc from 2013 to 2018, so then i bought a better pc to play games of the year, at that time i wasn't playing so much, i started playing other games and left mta apart, in 2020 i came back to this game cuz i love it i grew up playing this.

Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

i think Elite Players is the best clan or one of the best idk exactly, but you have a really good players, i think i have the level to join you.


DISCORD: gotzhaJ#3172


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