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Deluxe's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info:


- Hey guys. My nickname is Deluxe, and I've lived in Portugal for the past 19 years. My real name is Dimitri (Dima), I'm 21 years old and I was born in Moldova.

2. Previous Clans:


- I've never been a guy of clans, I was competitive all by myself. I was never a guy that played a lot on "official" servers like TG, FFS, etc., I always liked to join new servers and become their best player.

- I've been in some clans, but most of them is hard to remember, but I will try to list some:

    - HsK (Hard Style Klown);

    - vZ/ (It was HTC's clan, I can only remember the tag);

   - aR// (Alien Racers) (I was a trial, but then kicked for inactivity ((my pc broke));


3. Your MTA career:


- I will try to keep this as short as possible. I started to play MTA in meadows of 2010, in a server called DDC (it was a mix of DM, DD and Race), and my passion as a kid was GTA and car games, so I found the perfect combination (MTA DM). In the beginning, I was just playing for fun, to spend some time, because I had other games to play, but time was passing and I was getting really addicted to MTA, that's when my "competitive mode" started, but I've never had a good PC as a kid so my performance was a little weak, but always recognizable. After all that, I started to play on WTF// with the nick DiamonD#, I think it was the best DM server at the time, I met tons of good people like Budya, Skotinka, Dimka, CresPro, people that I think I will never see again, but they will always be in my memory. WTF// was the real motivation for me to become a "pro" DM player, that's where I really started to leave all the games behind and focus on MTA only, because I always liked to see my nickname on toptimes. With time, DM was getting famous and there started to appear a lot of servers, like #ER, TG, TFF, SHC, etc.. and I've always been switching through servers trying to find a good community to sit and play with, but with time my PC started falling apart piece by piece, and me and my family didn't had the opportunities we have today, so in meadows of 2017/2018, I stopped playing everything and focused myself on studying and getting a good job, and that's what I did. I bought a new PC and I came back to MTA some months ago and it was really different, the maps, the players, everything is better now, and for the first time I discovered HDM, my new favourite gamemode, since my comeback I've been grinding on HDM and training hard to try to become one of the top players, it will be hard because of the time I lost off the game, but I know I have the skills to achieve it.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?:


- To be completely honest, I feel like EP is a team that is really focused on this game, everyday I see players from this team that are consistent and very skilled, and that's the type of community that I want to be a part of, here I know that I can evolve much more. I consider myself as a really skilled DM player, but now I've been focusing on HDM because that's where the joy is at.

5. Contact:


- Discord: deluxemta

6. Something to add(optional):


- I appreciate y'all for reading and wish good luck to everyone!

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