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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My ingame name is LiXuZ, my real name is Fabi I am 24 years old and I'm from germany. I like to go out with my family and friends. I like to think of myself as an active and friendly person who is always willing to help whether it's getting maps or CW's or just helping the players.

2. Previous Clans

#MvP! Most Valuable Players - Member/Leader - Left
|-nTL-| Nothing To Lose - Forum Manager - Left
HsK// Hard sTyle Klown - Leader - Closed
|-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racer - Member - Left
#UP| Unlimited Power - Leader - Closed
iV' Intravenous - Founder - Left
KekZ Gaming - Member - Left
SoR! Squad of Revolution - Member/Leader - Closed
s1# Simply First - Founder - Closed
SHC// Small Hustlers Crew - Member - Left

3. Your MTA career

At the end of 2007 I bought GTA:SA and installed the multiplayer modification MTA:SA.
After joining MTA the first time I found a pretty nice server called eG| Elite Gaming. I didn't know about the DM gamemode at this time and thought this would be some kind of Deathmatch with weapons and other things. After a short time I already liked the gamemode and gave it a chance.
After a while Elite Gaming has been closed, so I must found a new server to play on. I started to play on many different servers to improve my skills and maybe find a new main server to play on.
After I gained more experience and becoming more familiar with uprising communities, I found German Blue Race's server at the end of 2011, where I played for some months. The server had bad maps and a bad performance, but I had fun there.
I made alot of friends there, one showed me a really nice server called iRace, where I played on for more than 6 months.
A good friend of me "CiiNeX" asked me to start a new clan/community called Mistery Race ("mR!") and I accepted because I had improved my race skills so much that I could mess with other players and start my very first clan with them.
After several months of playing on the server and beeing a part of the clan, they has begun to accept children, so I had decided to leave this clan.
From this I asked myself to start my own clan. At this point I founded my own clan called Xtreme Overpowered Race ("XoR"), which I hold activ for about 3 months. After that I had to close the clan, because of the inactivity.
After that I found a server called Kekz Gaming and I had a lot of fun playing there, which gave me reason to write an application, and after a short time they accepted me, but a few months later the server goes inactiv too as my clan. Kekz became inactive, which gave me the reason to leaving this clan too and finding a new one.
More than a year has passed away until I finally found a new server that I enjoyed. It was called #MvP! Many of my friends have joined there, so it seemed like a good idea to follow them, but after a month as part of #MvP! I left the clan again because of many problems they were in this clan.
I switched to a server called The favoured Few (TfF), which was a quite well-known clan at this time. I played there very activ for more than a year, but then I heard about a comeback..... The comeback of AMG (Awesome Mapping Gaming) and I asked their leader - XxEduxX - if I could be a part of AMG and he had invited me into the clan, but unfortunately I was thrown out of the clan because of an incident with a member.
I couldn't be sad for long because MvP had his comeback and I decided to go back to MvP, but I couldn't stay long because of the problems witch where in the clan I had many problems with the members there and then I left this clan. After a few months MasTeR came to me and said: "Do you want to make a clan with me?" I said yes we can. So we started a clan named HsK. Me and MasTeR were on the leader position and after 4 months we made a fusion with the BestFive team, we thought it would be a good decision to go along with the clan, but then one of the founders had only thought of himself and led the clan go down. I was in nTL at the reopening when I was about 2 months in this clan, I went back out of this clan because I had some problems, then I was clanless 1 to 2 months and after the two months then I joined SHC for 2 weeks then SHC was inactive and come back that's why I came back. Then after 1 month I had an Idea open Unlimited Power and then after 2 weeks I left this clan because I had no time for MTA after a long time, I was active again in MTA. I started my next clan calling Universal Warriors for 2 months, we had a big fight in that clan and everything went to hell that the clan closed, I didn't know what to do, because everyone focused on one teammate and everything went out of that clan after the clan turned against me, I had an application for XpR which was accepted after a month. But 6-7 months later I left the clan with a reason that might not have been so well considered. A while later I met RockZ and we had a chat in Teamspeak and we played together for a while. At some point I got the idea to start my own clan and I talked to RockZ and asked him if he wanted to start his own clan as well. He said yes and shortly afterwards Rul3zZ contacted me and asked if he could join the clan. We said yes of course and then we thought about a clan name together. We decided to take Intravenous at the end. When the name was decided we started to build a team, we got LuxorioN and DaXx involved, sadly I already had many problems with LuxorioN in the past. I was afraid that it would not end well with LuxorioN. It got into trouble quite quickly and after about a month and shortly before the forum went online I was kicked out. A month passed and Every wrote to me and asked me if I wanted to return to unlimited powers. I accepted his offer and was promoted to manager of various areas of the clan... Months went by and I heard the rumor that Intravenous was closing, I wrote to RockZ and asked him what those rumors were all about. He wrote to me and said that this was not true, there was a misunderstanding with the developers. I ask RockZ if I can go back and he said yes to me. When I was back in Intravenous I quickly realized why RockZ had brought me back in. He left and wanted the clan to be in good hands. I continued Intravenous for a short time and took BlizarD as the new leader. My last clan was SHC after 2 years I left this clan because of internal problems.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

But most of all I want to join eP because the clan is a family and something like that doesn't exist so often in mta anymore.
It's not really that easy to answer, there are a few things I can help with. Starting with clanwars or also with the forum.
I'm not as good as a other good guy but with some little things I could help you at the forum.
My acutally goals are to support you on the server with my activity and if users need help to be there and help them.

5. Contact

Discord: lixuzx#2523

6. Something to add(optional)

Thank's for reading!

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