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ManuZ 's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info:

Halo, my name is Manuel, I'm 20y and i live in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Right now I'm studying to be a programmer in a university, that's my dream..

2. Previous Clans

  • =KoG= - Killers Of Gta / Closed
  • LxG - Latin xtreme Gamers / Closed
  • X5 - Xtreme 5 / Closed
  • SG - Sillage Gaming / Closed
  • zS - zStyle / Closed
  • Uns - Unstoppables / Closed
  • :M# - Mythicals / Inactive clan
  • i2K - Instint to Kill - Closed
  • vZ - VeteranZ / Closed
  • L7 - Legendary 7 / Kicked for Inactive

3. Your MTA career

My career began in 2012-11 when I discovered the server KoG and other servers where OS was played mostly and I began to really like the game and the modality of jumping with ramps and other things, after a while I became a member of that clan but they didn't play much anymore until the server closed and I discovered TG and FFS but I mostly played TG because I liked it more, that's where I found out about shooter, hunter, dm and other things that were there, then TG closed and I was inactive for a while since I didn't know what to play until I came back and found other DM servers like X5, Mythicals, Uns and other clans.
I always be in Latins Clans :s

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

For a long time, I've had the desire to be part of eP, but I've always felt hesitant to apply because I don't believe my gaming skills reach your standards. However, I perceive eP as a place where I could receive the necessary guidance and support to improve my abilities, especially because I see most of you as friendly and welcoming individuals, despite exceptions like Aliomar. I'm willing to contribute in any way necessary, whether it's in WFF, OS, Hunter, and HDM, although I must admit I still need to practice my HDM more. I believe that with the right environment and guidance, I can develop my skills and make a positive contribution to the clan."

5. Contact


Discord: manuz5_

6. Something to add(optional)

Aguante argentina


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